Solo Squash

El Welily: Without my parents and my brother, I wouldn’t be the player I am

By Carlos Eduardo Croes

Raneem El Welily, one of the most important female squash stars in the world and currently No. 1 in the PSA world ranking, offered an exclusive interview for Solo Squash, where she talked about his greatest inspiration, she also talks about what she does in his spare time and took the opportunity to give some advice to all young women who wish to venture into this wonderful sport.

Who introduced you and at what age did you start in this sport?

My parents introduced my brother to the sport. I used to attend his training and after that he motivated me to play. It was fun to be around him at the court as a kid. But of course, my parents sacrificed so many things so that we can both play squash. Without them I wouldn’t be the player I am today.

Who has been your biggest inspiration for this sport?

The players I liked the most are Arm Shabana and Rachel Grinham.

3 tips you would give to a player who wants to win his first game

To win your first game:

1 You have to have fun on court, enjoy the challenges you face and you will sure find a way out if you have the love and thrill for competition.

2 Never give up, fight until the last point.

3 Use your strengths and also know the weakness of your opponent.

What do you do to strengthen yourself mentally and keep the focus on a match?

To strengthen myself mentally. I prepare my plan before the match and imagine myself executing it, putting myself in scenarios similar to the match.

What would you say to a girl who is starting in this sport and wants to become a professional?

To a girl starting I’ll tell her, squash is a beautiful and exciting world. You will learn so much, so enjoy the journey as much as possible.

What else do you like to do besides squash?

I like to do puzzles, and to listen to music. I also want to learn the drums but I still don’t have the time

How do you take your free time?

In my free time when its summer I try to be by the beach as much as possible.